Vertical Loading Dock Bumpers – Selection Guide

Vertical Loading Dock Bumpers cover a greater height range which protects your building from loads regardless of truck height.  Freyer Industrial vertical dock bumpers come in 36-, 24- and 20-inch heights in addition to our standard bumpers.  These heights are available in Laminated, Steel-face, Dura-soft, extruded rubber and molded Rubber Dock Bumpers.  For low traffic or lighter duty loading docks we also have an assortment of extruded rubber and molded rubber loading dock bumpers. Brackets and Gussets from special mounting scenarios can also be paired with new or existing dock bumpers.  Scroll down to read through informative descriptions of all models.

Why Use Vertical Loading Dock Bumpers?

A key reason to use vertical dock bumpers is building protection at your loading dock.  When Box Trucks are replaced with Semi-trailers you may find the dock bumpers at your facility do not offer the proper protection for the incoming truck height.  Our standard laminated dock bumpers come in vertical spans up to 36 inches.  Bumpers can also be mounted in tandem or above your existing dock bumpers to cover greater spans.  Accounting for truck height, approach and loads is the key to having proper protection at your loading dock.  When calling or filling out a quote it is always helpful to have a photo, drawing or description of your loading dock so we provide the right solution for you.  Our catalog of products is easy to browse.  We are standing by to receive your call or quote.

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Varying Truck Height: Vertical Dock Bumpers Coverage

Truck height, building clearances and load tonnage are key things to consider when laying out your project, installing new dock bumpers, or replacing your existing setup.   Vertical Loading Dock Bumpers are a great addition to most configurations allowing you to achieve total coverage as seen in the diagram on the left or general truck heights below.

Box and straight trucks: 40 to 50 in.
Overseas shipping containers: 48 in.
Standard 53-foot trailers: 52+ in.

Special Mountings: Brackets and Gussets

Installation of your loading dock bumpers to receive trucks and protect your building comes with things to consider.  Different approaches, architectural impediments and new loads that have truck heights not foreseen by your dock design all create challenges.  We have a large selection of brackets, gussets and extra-thick bumpers that allow your bumpers to be mounted so that they properly protect trucks and your facility.  If you require special mounting or need advice, please contact us by phone, email, or use our handy quote form.

Vertical Loading Dock Bumpers – Selection Guide

Laminated Vertical Dock Bumpers

Vertical Loading dock bumpers are made from compressed laminated rubber plies between steel angles assembled at high pressure.  Laminated bumpers are the industry standard and great for use at most loading docks.  They couple well with dock levelers.  Laminated vertical bumpers come in single models with vertical heights up to 36″.  Models can also be combined in special cases to provide proper coverage for combinations of loads and equipment.  It is always helpful to have a photograph, drawing or description of your loading dock setup and truck approach to make an accurate recommendation.  Steel-face vertical dock bumpers are also available in thicknesses of up to 9″.  These can be a perfect fit on docks that have a lot of up and down movement due to air-ride trailers and dock levelers.

Steel-Face Vertical Dock Bumpers

Friction due to new load types and equipment like Air-ride trailers and dock levelers can all cause up and down movement that leads to friction.  If these are new to your dock and you are seeking vertical loading dock bumpers for extra coverage, it might be wise to consider steel-faced loading dock bumper with a vertical dimension.  Steel-face bumpers come in 20”, 24”, and 36” Vertical lengths.  For extremely heavy loads along with loading docks that have up and down movement that may cause friction a Dura-soft vertical bumper may be an even better fit.

Standard Vertical Loading Dock Bumpers

Vertical Wall Guards: Light to Medium Traffic Docks

Our molded rubber dock bumpers come in many shapes and sizes.  Our DB models span 13” 20” and 30”.  They can be mounted in succession to cover walls and open docks where light traffic is expected.  Our Extruded Rubber models can be custom cut and drilled, come in 10’ lengths and can be mounted vertically as a wall guard.  The D style extruded rubber bumper is also commonly used on boats and boat docks, Ahoy Matey!  Both are a great fit for medium to light traffic loading docks.

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Vertical Loading Dock Bumpers cover a greater height range protecting your building from loads of varying truck height compared to standard sizes.  Freyer Industrial vertical dock bumpers come in 36, 24 and 20 inches high in addition to our standard bumpers.  These heights are available in Laminated, Steel-face and Dura-soft.  We are a proud provider of Durable Corporation  and Ideal Warehouse Innovations IWI loading dock bumpers that are high-quality and manufacturer warrantied up to 5-Years.