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Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumper

Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumper are ideal for your temperature controlled Loading docks or facilities. Usually coupled with a dock seal or dock shelter, Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumper eliminate gaps to completely seal the dock. The internal temperature is kept at the desired level while keeping heat, cold, insects and the elements out.

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Get a customized quote for large volume and custom dimension orders. Gussets, back plates and plate extentions can also be provided on a custom order


  • Reduced energy costs
  • Easy to install
  • Customizable to fit your loading dock

Ideal Application

  • Refrigerated or temperature controlled loading docks with dock seals or shelters


  • Couples with dock seals and dock shelters to create a seal with truck trailers
  • Provides projection above low docks
  • Vehicle impact protection
  • Functions as a Rub Rail in loading docks with truck wells
  • Barrier to the elements


  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Constructed from recycled and reinforced industrial rubber
  • Weather resistant will hold up for years of service
  • Resilient to chipping and abrasion
  • Absorbs 80% of Impact force from trucks and trailers
  • Constructed with over 1500 lbs of pressure to ensure quality

Mounting Options

  • Flat plates for welding to loading dock
  • Steel angles and concrete anchors for a bolted installation
  • Flat plate on one side and angle on the other
  • Overlapping plates available for added length at additional cost
  • For more info , please see our installation guide.

Coating Options

  • Galvanization is available for additional cost
  • Dock bumpers come standard with an enamel finish

Hardware Options

  • Concrete anchor bolts/fasteners are available for additional charge
  • Concrete hangers (for new construction) also available

Loading dock bumpers are also available in Laminated Dock Bumpers and Extra-thick dimensions to best suit your application. Click buttons below for Extra-thick and Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumpers.

Click buttons below for Extra-thick Laminated Dock Bumpers.

Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumpers (Standard Sizes)

4.5″ THICK

ImageModelSizes (H x L) WeightPrice EachSpec SheetOrder Now
B4506-87B4506-87-A*6” x 87”98 lbs$ 203.52file_extension_pdf
B4506-99B4506-99-A*6” x 99”121 lbs$ 237.44file_extension_pdf
B4510-51B4510-51-A10” x 51”101 lbs$ 172.48file_extension_pdf
B4510-63B4510-63-A10” x 63”124 lbs$ 213.20file_extension_pdf
B4510-71B4510-75-A10” x 75”147 lbs$ 249.12file_extension_pdf
B4510-87B4510-87-A10” x 87”172 lbs$ 291.92file_extension_pdf
B4510-99B4510-99-A10” x 99”193 lbs$329.84file_extension_pdf
B4510-111B4510-111-A10” x 111”218 lbs$ 378.00file_extension_pdf
B4510-123B4510-123-A10” x 123”238 lbs$ 418.00file_extension_pdf
B4512-51B4512-51-A12” x 51”120 lbs$ 215.36file_extension_pdf
B4512-63B4512-63-A12” x 63”148 lbs$ 263.12file_extension_pdf
B4512-75B4512-75-A12” x 75”175 lbs$ 302.56file_extension_pdf
B4512-87B4512-87-A12” x 87”202 lbs$ 358.80file_extension_pdf
B4512-99B4512-99-A12” x 99”230 lbs$ 406.48file_extension_pdf
B4512-111B4512-111-A12” x 111”258 lbs$ 454.72file_extension_pdf
B4512-123B4512-123-A12” x 123”284 lbs$ 502.08file_extension_pdf


ImageModelSizes (H x L) WeightPrice EachSpec SheetOrder Now
B610-51B610-51-A*10” x 51”126 lbs$ 239.44file_extension_pdf
B610-63B610-63-A*10” x 63”154 lbs$ 287.12file_extension_pdf
B610-71B610-75- A10” x 75"182 lbs$ 350.80file_extension_pdf
B610-87B610-87-A10” x 87”216 lbs$ 394.72file_extension_pdf
B610-99B610-99-A10” x 99”244 lbs$ 449.76file_extension_pdf
B610-111B610-111-A10” x 111”272 lbs$ 518.88file_extension_pdf
B610-123B610-123-A10” x 123”307 lbs$573.84file_extension_pdf
B612-51B612-51-A12” x 51”154 lbs$ 275.20file_extension_pdf
B612-63-A12” x 63”188 lbs$ 347.04file_extension_pdf
B612-75B612-75-A12” x 75”233 lbs$ 406.48file_extension_pdf
B612-87B612-87-A12” x 87”258 lbs$ 478.16file_extension_pdf
B612-99-A12” x 99”299 lbs$ 545.04file_extension_pdf
B612-111B612-111-A12” x 111”333 lbs$ 616.64file_extension_pdf
B612-123B612-123-A12” x 123”374 lbs$ 676.00file_extension_pdf