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Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumper

Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumpers are ideal when coupled with dock seals or shelters on temperature-controlled loading docks.  With a width of over 10 feet customers keep the elements out and the energy costs down with our Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumpers.  Freyer Industrial carries two of the leading brands, both IWI – Ideal Warehouse Innovations and Durable Loading Dock Bumpers.   Both great quality products with reliable industry performance while offering slightly different options and will make a perfect fit for your replacement Extra-Length Dock Bumpers.  Our Extra-Length Bumpers eliminate gaps to help keep internal temperatures stable during loading and unloading at your facility.  Save money and your workers from heat and cold stress.  See below to shop models in the table and to view a full list of benefits and features from Durable and IWI.

Features & Benefits

  • Great for Temperture Controlled Docks
  • 2 Year Replacement Year Warranty
  • Use as Rub Rail
  • Made In Canada
  • 4" and 6" Thickness
  • 3/8" Steel Angles/ Mounting Plates
  • Creates a Tight Seal to Save on Energy Costs

Features & Benefits

  • Great For Refrigerated and Heated Docks
  • Made In The USA
  • 1/4" Steel Angles/ Mounting Plates
  • Often used as a Rub Rails
  • Galvanized Angles Available
  • Energy Savings and a Green Product
  • Great for Open Docks and Food Handling Facilities

Lengths: 54-126 Inches (Over Ten Feet!)


  • Reclaimed, bias-ply truck tire rubber pads laminated between steel angles and secured with 3/4” rods.


  • Fastened to the dock surface through 3/8” steel side angles and/or flat welding plates
  • Standard Model: Angle both sides for anchoring.
  • P1 Style: Angle one side for anchoring, flat plate one side for welding.
  • P2 Style: Flat plate on both sides for welding.
  • Wall mounting hole size is 7/8” diameter. 3/4” anchor bolts or welding to dock steel are typical installation techniques plates, depending on the model chosen. STANDARD SIZES

Lenghts 51-123 Inches (Over Ten Feet!)


80% recycled material from fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from selected recycled truck tires
Rubber pads laminated between structural steel angles and secured with 3/4″ steel tie rods
Tough piles of truck tire material reduce chipping or abrasion, unlike molded rubber, extruded rubber, conveyor belting or wood plank bumpers
Attractive deep black color enhances a neat, professional  look
Manufactured under pressure exceeding 1,500 lbs. to absorb over 80% of impact force
Anchor bolts protected by at least 3″ of rubber to prevent damage
Maintenance free


Structural mounting angles permit welded installations or provide bolting through steel
No assembly required

Loading dock bumpers are also available in Standard Sizes and Extra-thick dimensions to best suit your application. Click buttons below for Extra-thick and Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumpers.

Click buttons below for Extra-thick Laminated Dock Bumpers.

Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumpers (Standard Sizes)

4.5″ THICK

ImageModelSizes (H x L) WeightPrice EachSpec SheetOrder Now
B4506-87B4506-87-A*6” x 87”98 lbs$196.33file_extension_pdf
B4506-99B4506-99-A*6” x 99”121 lbs$229.09file_extension_pdf
B4510-51B4510-51-A10” x 51”101 lbs$166.14file_extension_pdf
B4510-63B4510-63-A10” x 63”124 lbs$205.79file_extension_pdf
B4510-71B4510-75-A10” x 75”147 lbs$240.35file_extension_pdf
B4510-87B4510-87-A10” x 87”172 lbs$281.50file_extension_pdf
B4510-99B4510-99-A10” x 99”193 lbs$318.12file_extension_pdf
B4510-111B4510-111-A10” x 111”218 lbs$364.57file_extension_pdf
B4510-123B4510-123-A10” x 123”238 lbs$403.88file_extension_pdf
B4512-51B4512-51-A12” x 51”120 lbs$207.79file_extension_pdf
B4512-63B4512-63-A12” x 63”148 lbs$253.77file_extension_pdf
B4512-75B4512-75-A12” x 75”175 lbs$291.92file_extension_pdf
B4512-87B4512-87-A12” x 87”202 lbs$346.09file_extension_pdf
B4512-99B4512-99-A12” x 99”230 lbs$391.95file_extension_pdf
B4512-111B4512-111-A12” x 111”258 lbs$438.52file_extension_pdf
B4512-123B4512-123-A12” x 123”284 lbs$484.26file_extension_pdf


ImageModelSizes (H x L) WeightPrice EachSpec SheetOrder Now
B610-51B610-51-A*10” x 51”126 lbs$231.08file_extension_pdf
B610-63B610-63-A*10” x 63”154 lbs$276.94file_extension_pdf
B610-71B610-75- A10” x 75"182 lbs$338.36file_extension_pdf
B610-87B610-87-A10” x 87”216 lbs$380.72file_extension_pdf
B610-99B610-99-A10” x 99”244 lbs$433.72file_extension_pdf
B610-111B610-111-A10” x 111”272 lbs$499.36file_extension_pdf
B610-123B610-123-A10” x 123”307 lbs$553.29file_extension_pdf
B612-51B612-51-A12” x 51”154 lbs$265.47file_extension_pdf
B612-63-A12” x 63”188 lbs$334.74file_extension_pdf
B612-75B612-75-A12” x 75”233 lbs$391.95file_extension_pdf
B612-87B612-87-A12” x 87”258 lbs$460.98file_extension_pdf
B612-99-A12” x 99”299 lbs$525.56file_extension_pdf
B612-111B612-111-A12” x 111”333 lbs$594.59file_extension_pdf
B612-123B612-123-A12” x 123”374 lbs$651.81file_extension_pdf


ImageModelSizes (L x W x H) WeightPrice EachSpec SheetOrder Now
B4506-87LB412-05454” x 4” x 12"130 lbs$160.75file_extension_pdf
B4506-99LB412-06666” x 4” x 12"158 lbs$188.00file_extension_pdf
B4510-51LB412-07878” x 4” x 12"186 lbs$222.21file_extension_pdf
B4510-63LB412-09090” x 4” x 12"214 lbs$256.96file_extension_pdf
B4510-71LB412-102102” x 4” x 12"242 lbs$287.62file_extension_pdf
B4510-87LB412-114114” x 4” x 12"269 lbs$322.84file_extension_pdf
B4510-99LB412-126126” x 4” x 12"297 lbs$346.67file_extension_pdf


ImageModelSizes (L x W x H) WeightPrice EachSpec SheetOrder Now
B4506-87LB612-05454” x 6” x 12"185 lbs$205.23file_extension_pdf
B4506-99LB612-06666” x 6” x 12"225 lbs$255.74file_extension_pdf
B4510-51LB612-07878” x 6” x 12"265 lbs$293.16file_extension_pdf
B4510-63LB612-09090” x 6” x 12"305 lbs$342.51file_extension_pdf
B4510-71LB612-102102” x 6” x 12"345 lbs$390.44file_extension_pdf
B4510-87LB412-114114” x 6” x 12"384 lbs$433.89file_extension_pdf
B4510-99LB612-126126” x 6” x 12"378 lbs$471.53file_extension_pdf