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Knuffi Edge Protection Bumper Guards

Knuffi® Edge Guards

Edge guards protect heads and elbows as well as products and vehicles. With a wide range of profiles, even the sharpest of edges, as little as.039” (1mm), thin can be protected. Patented Knuffi® Bumper Guards are manufactured from tough, flexible polyurethane foam and sheathed in polyurethane foil. They resist abrasion and deterioration in the toughest of conditions.

ImageModelHEIGHT X WIDTHPrice EachSpec SheetOrder Now
Knuffi Model B Edge Bumper Guard
1.57" (40mm) x 1.57" (40mm)$19.16 – $1,165.23file_extension_pdf
Knuffi Model G Edge Bumper Guard1.18" (30mm) x 1.02" (26mm)$19.16 – $1,165.23file_extension_pdf
Knuffi Model BB Edge Bumper Guard1.42" (36mm) x 1.57" (40mm)$97.17 – $98.48file_extension_pdf
BKnuffi Model B+ Edge Guard1.97" (50mm) x 1.97" (50mm)$32.78file_extension_pdf