Laminated dock bumpers are an integral part of your facilities shipping and receiving area.  An older dock may have laminated bumpers that are worn out and ready for replacement.  Finding the right solution for the replacement bumpers at your loading dock is key to cutting down on costs and extending the service life of your dock bumpers.

The loading dock of your warehouse can say a lot about your business.  Old warn or damaged laminated dock bumpers, dock seals or shelters can give the wrong impression to vendors and business associates that use your loading dock for daily activities.

Laminated loading dock bumpers are a durable tough product and should last 5-10 years given proper installation and selection.  When replacing loading dock bumpers, it is important to take into account the service life.  If it was short, you may benefit for a more robust material.  This may mean a larger bumper or one with different material.

For instance, if you are replacing molded rubber loading dock bumpers that lasted one and a half years you may want to look at a larger laminated or steel-face model for replacement.  Adding mechanical devices such as a truck restraint or dock leveler could cause extra wear and tear that would shorten a loading dock bumpers life to a little over the warranty.  If loading dock bumpers are properly selected and care is given to take into account the day to day activities of the installation location then the dock bumper solution put in place can often exceed the warranty by many years.

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