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Laminated Dock Bumper

Standard Laminated dock bumpers are available in 4.5″ and 6″ thick models.   Models with extra length, up to 123″, and extra thickness 8″, 9″, 10″ and 12″ units  guard against damage to buildings, loading docks and cargo during loading and unloading vehicles in your facility or loading dock area.  Meeting the highest quality standards, Laminated dock bumpers will hold up to years of low to medium traffic.  Freyer provides laminated dock bumpers that are industry standard and suit most applications absorbing up to 80% of impact forces.  We carry two brands so finding a replacement bumber that fits over your exsisting mounts is a snap.  Scroll down to find the dock bumper model you need.  Select your model and find more detailed information on each bumper.

Standard Laminated Loading Dock Bumpers Overview

  • 6″ heights accommodate loading docks with limited mounting area
  • 10″ and 12″ heights for standard height Semi-trailers
  • 20″, 24″, and 36″ heights to account for varied trailer heights

Gussets available for docks with low sills.

Freyer Industrial’s standard laminated dock bumpers are available in 4.5″ and 6″ depths for use on all loading docks with level approaches. Constructed of high-quality rubber tire plies under high pressure between steel angles mounted on metal rods our bumpers are a reliable option for your dock.

The table below features 4″ to 6″ thick bumpers up to 36″ wide and 36″ in height. For thicker or longer laminated dock bumpers click on the related link.

Click on model # below for a spec sheet with complete dimensions.

Loading Dock Bumpers ( Standard Size Laminated )

  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Made IN USA
  • Galvanized Coating option Available
  • Need RFQ for Gussets and Extension
  • 1/4" Steel Angles

4.5″ THICK

ImageModelSizes (H x L)WeightPrice EachSpec sheetOrder Now
B610-12B4506-146” x 14”18 lbs$31.82file_extension_pdf
B4506-24B4506-246” x 24”28 lbs$46.68file_extension_pdf
B4506-36B4506-366” x 36”42 lbs$67.73file_extension_pdf
B4510-12B4510-1210” x 12”25 lbs$38.14file_extension_pdf
B4510-14 Laminated-Dock-BumpertB4510-1410” x 14”26 lbs$43.41file_extension_pdf
B4510-18B4510-1810” x 18”34 lbs$52.88file_extension_pdf
B4510-24B4510-2410” x 24”45 lbs$67.63file_extension_pdf
B4510-36B4510-3610” x 36”66 lbs$101.21file_extension_pdf
B4512-12B4512-1212” x 12”31 lbs$46.57file_extension_pdf
B4512-14B4512-1412” x 14”32 lbs$52.88file_extension_pdf
B4512-18B4512-1812” x 18”41 lbs$70.55file_extension_pdf
B4512-24B4512-2412” x 24”56 lbs$83.19file_extension_pdf
B4512-36B4512-3612” x 36”82 lbs$124.25file_extension_pdf
B4520-11B4520-1120” x 11”42 lbs$63.30file_extension_pdf
B4524-11B4524-1124” x 11”51 lbs$77.92file_extension_pdf
B4536-11B4536-1136” x 11”85 lbs$109.04file_extension_pdf


ImageModelSizes (H x L)WeightPrice EachSpec SheetOrder Now
B610-12B610-1210” x 12”29 lbs$51.71file_extension_pdf
B610-14B610-1410” x 14”33 lbs$56.98file_extension_pdf
B610-18B610-1810” x 18”43 lbs$69.26file_extension_pdf
B610-24B610-2410” x 24”58 lbs$88.45file_extension_pdf
B610-36B610-3610” x 36”84 lbs$130.34file_extension_pdf
B612-12B612-1212” x 12”34 lbs$63.30file_extension_pdf
B612-14B612-1412” x 14”41 lbs$67.51file_extension_pdf
B612-18B612-1812” x 18”51 lbs$84.36file_extension_pdf
B612-24B612-2412” x 24”59 lbs$109.63file_extension_pdf
B612-36B612-3612” x 36”105 lbs$179.95file_extension_pdf
B620-11B620-1120” x 11”52 lbs$88.45file_extension_pdf
B624-11B624-1124” x 11”63 lbs$105.42file_extension_pdf
B636-11B636-1136” x 11”100 lbs$138.41file_extension_pdf
  • Two Years Warranty
  • Made IN Canada
  • No Galvanized Coating option
  • Gussets and Extension listed
  • 3/8" Steel Angles


ImageModelSizes (L x W x H)WeightPrice EachSpec sheetOrder Now
B610-12LB406-146” x 4” x 14”20 lbs$ 28.29file_extension_pdf
B4506-24LB406-246” x 4” x 24”32 lbs$ 42.12file_extension_pdf
B4506-36LB406-366” x 4” x 36”47 lbs$ 59.56file_extension_pdf
B4510-12LB410-1210” x 4” x 12”27 lbs$ 32.71file_extension_pdf
B4510-14 Laminated-Dock-BumpertLB410-1410” x 4” x 14”31 lbs$ 36.49file_extension_pdf
B4510-18LB410-1810” x 4” x 18”39 lbs$ 45.02file_extension_pdf
B4510-24LB410-2410” x 4” x 24”51 lbs$ 57.06file_extension_pdf
B4510-36LB410-3610” x 4” x 36”75 lbs$ 81.07file_extension_pdf
B4512-12LB412-1212” x 4” x 12”33 lbs$ 39.63file_extension_pdf
B4512-14LB412-1412” x 4” x 14”37 lbs$ 44.12file_extension_pdf
B4512-18LB412-1812” x 4” x 18”47 lbs$ 57.32file_extension_pdf
B4512-24LB412-2412” x 4” x 24”61 lbs$ 67.43file_extension_pdf
B4512-36LB412-3612” x 4” x 36”89 lbs$ 92.98file_extension_pdf
B4520-11LVB420-1120” x 4” x 11”51 lbs$ 52.36file_extension_pdf
B4524-11LVB424-1124” x 4” x 11”61 lbs$ 68.00file_extension_pdf
B4536-11LVB430-1130” x 4” x 11”77 lbs$ 105.73file_extension_pdf
B4536-11LVB436-1136” x 4” x 11”91 lbs$ 106.75file_extension_pdf


ImageModelSizes (L x W x H)WeightPrice EachSpec SheetOrder Now
B610-12LB610-1210” x 6” x 12"38 lbs$ 42.90file_extension_pdf
B610-14LB610-1410” x 6” x 14"44 lbs$ 46.85file_extension_pdf
B610-18LB610-1810” x 6” x 18"55 lbs$ 54.79file_extension_pdf
B610-24LB610-2410” x 6” x 24"72 lbs$ 69.58file_extension_pdf
B610-36LB610-3610” x 6” x 36"106 lbs$ 102.46file_extension_pdf
B612-12LB612-1212” x 6” x 12"46 lbs$ 51.69file_extension_pdf
B612-14LB612-1412” x 6” x 14"52 lbs$ 54.87file_extension_pdf
B612-18LB612-1812” x 6” x 18"66 lbs$ 66.48file_extension_pdf
B612-24LB612-2412” x 6” x 24"86 lbs$ 85.54file_extension_pdf
B612-36LB612-3612” x 6” x 36"126 lbs$ 115.02file_extension_pdf
B620-11LVB620-1120” x 6” x 11”71 lbs$ 74.26file_extension_pdf
B624-11LVB624-1124” x 6” x 11”85 lbs$ 90.57file_extension_pdf
B636-11LVB630-1130” x 6” x 11”107 lbs$ 129.85file_extension_pdf
B636-11LVB636-1136” x 6” x 11”128 lbs$ 149.75file_extension_pdf