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Loading Dock Bumpers

Freyer Industrial Loading Dock Bumpers

Loading Dock Bumpers are manufactured with heavy-duty rubber plies built under high pressure of over 15,000 lbs. together with steel rods and angles.  The manufacturing process produces a ultra-strong unit that reduces and absorbs impact as well as friction to protect loading docks, buildings, loading dock equipment, and trucks during deliveries.   This allows some units, like our laminated rubber units, to absorb over 80% of impact forces and still hold up to years of service.

Mounting Options for Dock Bumpers

Dock bumper units mount to walls, dock sills or semi-truck trailers to protect them from damage caused by heavy impacts from daily activities such as loading and unloading.  Bumpers can be bolted to concrete walls and dock sills as well as welded with steel plates.  We provide both Concrete Anchor hardware and welding plates.  See Below:

  • Standard Mount: Angles on Both Sides
  • P1 – Angle on one side Welding Plate on the other
  • P2 – Welding Plates on both sides

Types, Attributes, and Size Ranges

Units come in a wide variety of shapes and materials such as laminated rubber, steel-faced, molded or extruded rubber, vertical, extra-length and extra-thick.

  • Thickness: 2” – 12”
  • Length: 4” to 10 Feet
  • Heights: 4” to 36”
  • Coatings: Standard Black Enamel, Galvanized, as well as 316 Stainless Steel (Nuclear Projects)
  • Special Mountings: Gussets, extensions and above dock brackets available.

Replacements and New Projects

Need replacement loading dock bumpers?  Provide us your serial number or measurements and we will quickly pull up your dock bumper model with quote as simple as that.  New project?  Contact us and we will send a detailed quote usually within 24 hours.

Have questions about configuration, size, bumper type or mounting?  We are here to take your call and answer your inquiry.  Look at our menu below for more information on specific loading dock bumpers of different types.

laminatedbumper-Pic-3 (1)
Laminated Dock Bumpers

Laminated Dock Bumpers, made from laminated rubber are ideal for loading docks with heavy-duty traffic.

extralength-3 (1)
Extra-Length Dock Bumpers

Extra-Length Dock Bumpers  are of the same build, quality and reliability as our standard laminated loading dock bumpers.

Extra-Thick Dock Bumpers

Extra-Thick Dock Bumpers with extra-thickness are made with laminated rubber and built with an extra-thick projection.

Dura-soft-loading-dock-bumper (1)
Dura-Soft Dock Bumpers

Dura-Soft Dock Bumpers are constructed with the same 3/8” steel plate as our standard steel-faced bumpers…

steel-face-bumper-3 (1)
Steel-Face Dock Bumpers

Steel-Face Dock Bumpers are constructed with 3/8” steel plate which can give twice the service life.

Molded-rubber-bumpers-3 (1)
Molded Dock Bumpers

Molded Dock Bumpers are great for any low to medium traffic area.  One-piece construction makes them reliable and tough.

Extruded Dock Bumpers

Extruded Dock Bumpers have great utility for loading docks, warehouses, parking garages and shipping lanes.