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Extra-Thick Dock Bumpers

Extra-thick Dock Bumpers 8″, 9″, 10.5″ and 12″ Thicknesses

Freyer Industrial’s line of Extra-thick dock bumpers projection are used for loading and unloading zones that require greater stand-off distance from dock openings due to steep approaches, overhangs or canopied dock faces. Available in 8″, 9”, 10.5” and 12” inch thick sizes with the same great protection capability as our standard laminated, steel-faced, and dura-soft, steel-faced loading dock bumpers.


  • Provides years of protection to your Loading dock and cargo vehicles
  • Maintenance free with 5 year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Greater stand-off distance

Features & Benefits

  • Great for Temperture Controlled Docks
  • 2 Year Replacement Year Warranty
  • Use as Rub Rail
  • Made In Canada
  • 4" and 6" Thickness
  • 3/8" Steel Angles/ Mounting Plates
  • Creates a Tight Seal to Save on Energy Costs


  • Reclaimed, bias-ply truck tire rubber pads laminated between steel angles and secured with 3/4” rods.


  • Fastened to the dock surface through 3/8” steel side angles and/or flat welding plates
  • Standard Model: Angle both sides for anchoring.
  • P1 Style: Angle one side for anchoring, flat plate one side for welding.
  • P2 Style: Flat plate on both sides for welding.
  • Wall mounting hole size is 7/8” diameter. 3/4” anchor bolts or welding to dock steel are typical installation techniques plates, depending on the model chosen. STANDARD SIZES

Features & Benefits

  • Great For Refrigerated and Heated Docks
  • Made In The USA
  • 1/4" Steel Angles/ Mounting Plates
  • Often used as a Rub Rails
  • Galvanized Angles Available
  • Energy Savings and a Green Product
  • Great for Open Docks and Food Handling Facilities


  • 80% recycled material from fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from selected recycled truck tires
    Rubber pads laminated between structural steel angles and secured with 3/4″ steel tie rods
    Tough piles of truck tire material reduce chipping or abrasion, unlike molded rubber, extruded rubber, conveyor belting or wood plank bumpers
    Attractive deep black color enhances a neat, professional  look
    Manufactured under pressure exceeding 1,500 lbs. to absorb over 80% of impact force
    Anchor bolts protected by at least 3″ of rubber to prevent damage
    Maintenance free


Structural mounting angles permit welded installations or provide bolting through steel
No assembly required

Loading dock bumpers are also available in Standard Sizes and extra-length Dock Bumpers dimensions to best suit your application. Click buttons below for Extra-thick and Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumpers.

Click buttons below for Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumper

Extra-Thick Laminated Loading Dock Bumpers


ImageNameSizes H X LWeightPriceDetails
B910-1410” x 14”63 lbs$144.00ORDER NOW
B910-2410” x 24”98 lbs$183.37ORDER NOW
B910-36-A10” x 36"152 lbs$263.19ORDER NOW
B920-1120” x 11”103 lbs$242.32ORDER NOW

10.5″ THICK

ImageNameSizes H X LWeightPriceDetails
B10510-1410” x 14”71 lbs$172.64ORDER NOW
B10510-2410” x 24”109 lbs$222.89ORDER NOW
B10510-36-A10” x 36"167 lbs$307.19ORDER NOW
B10520-1120” x 11”109 lbs$290.62ORDER NOW


ImageNameSizes H X LWeightPriceDetails
B1210-1410” x 14”76 lbs$186.42ORDER NOW
B1210-2410” x 24”120 lbs$247.91ORDER NOW
B1210-36-A10” x 36"195 lbs$343.72ORDER NOW
B1220-1120” x 11”134 lbs$312.20ORDER NOW