Extruded rubber dock bumpers protect loading docks, warehouses, parking garages and shipping lanes from drops and impacts.  Freyer Industrial’s extruded dock bumpers are used on tow-trucks, heavy equipment and trailers.  Freyer Industrial provides a variety of forms and lengths up to 10 feet.  Your extruded bumper order will arrive pre-drilled and cut so they are ready to install .  Models D4 and up come with a steel mounting bar that will give your installation extra strength and durability.  Steel bar is recommended for light duty loading docks.

Extruded dock bumpers offer continuous protection over an area of great length, like open face loading docks or factory walls.  Extruded rubber bumpers are built tough.  These dock bumpers will provide you with years of reliable service. Our extruded bumper EPDM rubber material has an ASTM 2632 rating of 75% with a durometer reading of 70+/-5.  D-4 and D-6 models have a steel bar option which also comes predrilled and ready to install.

ASTM tested to ensure quality and durability

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Anchor bolts easily installed through pre-drilled holes into dock.

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Extruded Dock Bumpers