Loading dock gates guard against safety issues at your loading dock, warehouse or manufacturing facility.  Our double and single configuration gates come in hi-vis Yellow and are easy to operate.  They cover the distance and are available in both Single 48″ to 156″ and Double 108″ to 324″ length Models making them suitable most all applications.  Great for dock doors, as Machine Guards or installed on mezzanines our gates come with toe-board option to guard against fall hazards for safer material handling at height.  Scroll down for benefits and features, notes on regulations and to select your models to find the right fit for your project.

Designed for Ease of Use of and Versatility

Improved design means better safety for workers using Edge Gate in your facility.  This loading dock gate has a variety of other uses: fall protection, pedestrian traffic control, creating a perimeter, machine guarding and equipment traffic management.  Our loading dock gates come with variable widths making them easy to select.

Expertly designed with patent pending features, this gate provides smooth operation and pinch point free access.  This loading dock gate lifts vertically with one hand, moves 90 degrees to give access to restricted areas.  Lock out tag out (LOTO) is no issue.  Our line of loading dock gates can have LOTO applied ensuring the right people do not find themselves in the wrong areas.

Single and Double Gates for Greater Coverage and Space Saving

Available in two configurations:  Single (48″ to 156″) and Double (108″ to 324″).  Our gate configurations accommodate a variety of opening sizes anywhere from standard dock doors to extra wide hangers and factory areas.  Overhead clearance can be an issue in some places.  Our double loading dock gates solve this issue by halving the clearance needed.  Toe boards are available with many models and give extra edge protection by preventing falling objects.

Manual Operation and LOTO to keep Workers Safe

Manual gates for loading docks and mezzanines act as fall protection only when the product is closed and latched.  Where applicable 100% tie-off is required or other means of fall protection should be in use when the gate is open or being operated.  In situations where a truck or trailer is positioned near a gate opening.  The employer is responsible for implementing a proper gate usage and material handling policy for the safety of workers near a gate protected fall hazard.  Installation guides and brochures are available in tabs below the table.

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Single and double gates with toeboard options to protect workers below your working area. ANSI and OSHA compliant gates available.