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Parking Blocks For Parking Lots

Parking Blocks are a great traffic management tool especially when used around entry and walkways.  They can be placed away from the entry door and walk way to your business so that larger vehicles do not park with the front end hanging over onto the side walk.  This will prevent cramped spaces where customers enter and exit.

Our Parking blocks are available in Yellow, Handi-cap Bule and Grey.  This allows general parking, Handicap parking and reserved parking to be easily designated in your parking lot area or store front.   Blocks are made from 100% recycled plastic and are UV treated so they will not be damaged by the sun.  They are a great replacement for brittle or broken concrete parking blocks.

Each section is 36″ x 3.5″ high and 5.75″ wide, weighing in at 4lbs for easy shipping.  Hardware and mounting inserts are included with each section.  Installation instructions will be provided with your order. Scroll down for benefits and features. Click on “order now” to select color and installation options.

Parking Blocks Benefits and Features


* Designed to not warp, crack, chip or rot

* Bright colors that stand up to the sun

* Lightweight – 4lbs (1.8kg) per piece for economical shipment and simple,

* One-person installation without use of heavy machinery

* No Painting or Maintenance needed.


* 100% recycled plastic parking blocks

* UV treated for ultimate durability and low-maintenance

* High visibility