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Speed Bumps

Speed bumps from Freyer will slow traffic in your parking lot or work area.  Slower speeds result in fewer accidents.  Speed bumps when properly installed prevent accidents that would otherwise cause injury to people and damage property.  Our speed bumps have a 2″ rise.  This rise is enough to slow traffic and prevent aggresive driving that may result in injury of visitors to your location.

Installation and Ordering

Speed Bumps are shipped in 36″ sections.  These sections fit together end to end to cover 3′, 6′, 9′, or longer spans.  The result is a seamless installation.  Your order will arrive with end caps that create a clean and proffessional appearance. Hardware is included just indicate whether you are working on an asphalt or concrete surface.  Our speed bumps install with asphalt spikes or concrete lag bolts depending on your surface.  Asphalt spikes make for a quick installation in black top asphalt parking lots.  Concrete surfaces require drilling for a secure installtion.