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Steel Face Dock Bumpers

Steel Face Dock Bumpers have a 3/8” thick steel plate that protects your dock from up-and-down movement of trailers during loading and unloading. Our Steel Face Dock Bumpers provide a longer service life, cutting down on the replacement costs of your facility. Excellent for loading docks receiving typical weight loads with medium to heavy traffic.  We have two great brands to choose from.  If you are replacing old bumpers Freyer Industrial has a bumper to fit saving you time and money on the installation.  See our easy to use Steel-faced Dock Bumper Table below.

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Made In Canada
  • 4" and 6" Thickness
  • 3/8" Steel Impact Plate
  • 1/4" Steel Angles/ Mounting Plates
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Made In The USA
  • 4.5" and 6" Thickness
  • 3/8" Steel Impact Plate
  • 1/4" Steel Angles/ Mounting Plates

The table below features 4″, 4.5″ to 6″ thick bumpers up to 36″ wide and 36″ in height. Gussets or brackets can be applied for greater standoff. Select Durable, IWI or Both to see all models.

Steel-Faced Dock Bumper Overview
Weather resistant will hold up for years of service
Absorbs up to 70% of impact force
Unlimited applications for your facility or loading dock
Areas of heavy loads where greater impact absorption is needed
Provides projection above low docks
Great for areas with up-and-down movement due to leveling or lifting

Highest impact protection in the industry
Maintenance free with 5-year warranty
Holds up to wear and tear due to up and down movement
Absorbs 70% of impact force
Easy installation

Mounting Options

Mounting plates and angels are included at no cost
Flat plates for welding to loading dock
Steel angles and concrete anchors for a bolted installation
Flat plate on one side and angle on the other
Overlapping plates available for additional cost
For more info, please see our installation guide.

Hardware Options
Concrete anchor bolts are available for additional cost
Suggested bolt options are available when you place your order

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Steel Faced Loading Dock Bumpers ( Standard Sizes )


ImageModelSizes (H x L)WeightPrice EachSpec Sheet Order Now
B450624SFLB410-12SF$ 69.02file_extension_pdf
B450636SFLB410-14SF$ 72.05file_extension_pdf
B451014SFLB410-18SF$ 78.78file_extension_pdf
B451018SFLB410-24SF$ 111.27file_extension_pdf
B451024SFLB410-36SF$ 139.88file_extension_pdf
B451036SFLB412-14SF$ 80.31file_extension_pdf
B451214SFLB412-18SF$ 85.09file_extension_pdf
B451218SFLB412-24SF$ 123.17file_extension_pdf
B451224SFLB412-36SF$ 168.98file_extension_pdf
B451236SFP1LVB420-11SF$ 101.41file_extension_pdf
B452011SFLVB424-11SF$ 117.48file_extension_pdf
B452411SFLVB436-11SF$ 162.85file_extension_pdf

5.25″ THICK

ImageModelSizes (H x L)WeightPrice EachSpec Sheet Order Now
B450624SFTB406-24SF$ 95.47file_extension_pdf
B450636SFTB406-36SF$ 125.24file_extension_pdf
B451014SFTB410-14SF$ 81.52file_extension_pdf
B451014SFTB410-18SF$ 86.17file_extension_pdf
B451018SFTB410-24SF$ 124.22file_extension_pdf
B451024SFTB410-36SF$ 170.10file_extension_pdf
B451036SFTB412-14SF$ 82.13file_extension_pdf
B451214SFTB412-18SF$ 114.99file_extension_pdf
B451218SFTB412-24SF$ 135.90file_extension_pdf
B451224SFTB412-36SF$ 222.36file_extension_pdf
B451236SFP1TVB420-11SF$ 104.67file_extension_pdf
B452011SFTVB424-11SF$ 120.33file_extension_pdf
B452411SFTVB436-11SF$ 166.79file_extension_pdf


ImageModelSizes (H x L)WeightPrice EachSpec Sheet Order Now
B450624SFLB610-12SF$ 85.68file_extension_pdf
B450636SFLB610-14SF$ 88.25file_extension_pdf
B451014SFLB610-18SF$ 94.49file_extension_pdf
B451014SFLB610-24SF$ 158.27file_extension_pdf
B451018SFLB610-36SF$ 198.66file_extension_pdf
B451024SFLB612-14SF$ 100.92file_extension_pdf
B451036SFLB612-18SF$ 129.44file_extension_pdf
B451214SFLB612-24SF$ 164.48file_extension_pdf
B451218SFLB612-36SF$ 230.32file_extension_pdf
B451224SFLVB620-11SF$ 122.30file_extension_pdf
B451236SFP1LVB624-11SF$ 158.77file_extension_pdf
B452011SFLVB636-11SF$ 201.36file_extension_pdf

6.75″ THICK

ImageModelSizes (H x L)WeightPrice EachSpec Sheet Order Now
B450624SFTB610-14SF$ 88.57file_extension_pdf
B450636SFTB610-18SF$ 116.27file_extension_pdf
B451014SFTB610-24SF$ 161.54file_extension_pdf
B451014SFTB610-36SF$ 202.43file_extension_pdf
B451018SFTB612-14SF$ 103.72file_extension_pdf
B451024SFTB612-18SF$ 132.22file_extension_pdf
B451036SFTB612-24SF$ 168.27file_extension_pdf
B451214SFTB612-36SF$ 234.61file_extension_pdf
B451218SFTVB620-11SF$ 125.72file_extension_pdf
B451224SFTVB624-11SF$ 162.14file_extension_pdf
B451236SFP1TVB636-11SF$ 223.30file_extension_pdf

Extra Projection

ImageModelSizes (H x L)WeightPrice EachSpec Sheet Order Now
B450624SFLVB820-11SF$ 185.34file_extension_pdf
B450636SFLVB920-11SF$ 231.04file_extension_pdf
B451014SFTLVB1020-11SF$ 242.76file_extension_pdf

5.25″ THICK

ImageModelSizes (H x L)WeightPrice EachSpec Sheet Order Now
B450624SFB4506-24-SF6” x 24”50#$ 116.05file_extension_pdf
B450636SFB4506-36-SF6” x 36”75#$ 153.21file_extension_pdf
B451014SFB4510-14-SF10” x 14”48#$ 78.77file_extension_pdf
B451018SFB4510-18-SF10” x 18”58#$ 100.80file_extension_pdf
B451024SFB4510-24-SF10” x 24”73#$ 147.47file_extension_pdf
B451036SFB4510-36-SF10” x 36”117#$ 230.31file_extension_pdf
B451214SFB4512-14-SF12” x 14”58#$ 97.22file_extension_pdf
B451218SFB4512-18-SF12” x 18”72#$ 137.41file_extension_pdf
B451224SFB4512-24-SF12” x 24”90#$ 164.14file_extension_pdf
B451236SFP1B4512-36-SF12” x 36”145#$ 266.42file_extension_pdf
B452011SFB4520-11-SF20” x 11”73#$ 121.67file_extension_pdf
B452411SFB4524-11-SF24” x 11”88#$ 141.54file_extension_pdf
B453611SFB4536-11-SF36” x 11”155#$ 194.44file_extension_pdf


ImageModelSizes (H x L)WeightPrice EachSpec SheetOrder Now
B61014SFP1B610-14-SF10” x 14”55#$ 102.69file_extension_pdf
B61014SFP1B610-18-SF10” x 18”65#$ 138.21file_extension_pdf
B61024SFB610-24-SF10” x 24”85#$ 196.91file_extension_pdf
B61024SFB610-36-SF10” x 36”129#$ 242.22file_extension_pdf
B61214SFB612-14-SF12” x 14”62#$ 121.67file_extension_pdf
B61218SFB612-18-SF12” x 18”78#$ 157.84file_extension_pdf
B61224SFB612-24-SF12” x 24”105#$ 202.10file_extension_pdf
B61236SFB612-36-SF12” x 36”166#$ 282.10file_extension_pdf
B62011SFB620-11-SF20” x 11”83#$ 148.09file_extension_pdf
B62411SFB624-11-SF24” x 11”160#$ 192.96file_extension_pdf
B63611SFB636-11-SF36” x 11”160#$ 241.48file_extension_pdf